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Top 10 Reason to Get Your Degree Online


Millions of individuals have already discovered online education. This emerging form of learning has seen rapid growth in recent years, as new technologies have created an unprecedented capability for engaging, interactive instruction. And the numbers donít lie: the online education industry has watched enrollment numbers grow by over 20% in each of the last 4 years. And it is anticipated that these numbers will continue to rise as more and more people learn of all the benefits an online degree can offer. For example, in the next 5 years, online student enrollment is expected to double.

You can be at the forefront of this revolution in education by earning a degree from any number of online programs. Employers around the globe understand what a degree from these institutions means. Individuals who study online know how to balance responsibilities, and they take pride in their work; often times, individuals too busy to attend classes enroll in online programs to equip themselves with the tools necessary to bring their career to the next level. Individuals who study online are committed to learning, and they are resourceful; they understand the limitations of the traditional higher education and the benefits that an online program can offer. This is exactly the type of dedication and forward thinking that many employers seek. Of course, you are not furthering your education just for future employers. You are earning a degree for yourself. Here are 10 reasons why the best way to earn that degree is online:

  1. Increased flexibility means you can study online on your schedule
  2. Lower credit and tuition costs compared to a traditional 4 year college
  3. Classes start every 4-6 weeks
  4. Federal financial aid is available for students that decide to study 100% online
  5. A majority of colleges are accredited by their regional education accreditation board
  6. Earn a full degree in half the time of a traditional college (1-2 years for Associate degree, 2-3 years for a Bachelors degrees and 1-2 years for Masters/MBA degrees)
  7. Most online colleges will accept credits from other institutions
  8. Some colleges offer ground locations for face to face instruction
  9. Working adults can maintain their fulltime jobs, family obligations and earn the degree they need
  10. College students can take classes online that can transfer to their traditional college or university