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Featured Online College

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix
Degrees: Associate, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral
Programs: Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing/Healthcare, Technology

With convenient class location as well as online learning, University of Phoenix makes quality higher education highly accessible for working students. Whether you're seeking an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree, we can help you reach your goal - and sooner than you may think.

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Learn more about each online degree – Associate, Bachelors, MBA/Masters, PhD

An Associates degree is an academic degree offered by a two-year college after the prescribed course of study has been successfully completed. This degree program will offer you the ability to obtain the job profession suited for your working styles at a starting average salary of $38,200. An associate’s degree is one of the more popular choices because they account for more than quarter of the degrees offered in public institutions. Job opportunities can be obtained through the variety of categories within an associate’s degree that include: Arts, Science, Teaching, Business Administration, and much more.

Learn more about each online degree – Associate, Bachelors, MBA/Masters, PhD

Online Bachelors Degrees

Earning an online bachelors degree from an accredited university or college is the best way for a working adult to achieve their education goals. With our busy schedules and demanding family commitments, going back to earn a degree at a traditional institution is not always an option. Typically, a bachelor's degree can be earned in 2-3 years based on the number of classes you take and if you study year round. Bachelor degree programs costs significantly less than at a traditional university and financing and federal aid is available for those who qualify.

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Top 10 business degree programs offered from Online Colleges

Business Administration is a course of studies that offers instruction in general business principles and practices. This program is extremely important because it can help you to gain a thorough understanding of principles in accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, human resources functions, and decision-making. The importance of this program will truly help you to manage and maintain a business or profession because you will gain the abilities to be able to budget, organize, plan, hire, direct, control, and manage various organizations. With the understanding of Business Administration you will be able to become multi functional and able to gain problem-solving abilities.

Top 10 business degree programs offered from Online Colleges

Top 10 Reason to Get Your Degree Online

Millions of individuals have already discovered online education. This emerging form of learning has seen rapid growth in recent years, as new technologies have created an unprecedented capability for engaging, interactive instruction.

Top 10 Reason to Get Your Degree Online

About Online degrees

If you're looking to find your degree online, you've come to the right place. Today's job market is much different from what it was in just the last decade or so. It is no longer the case that an individual obtains a job and maintains that job for their lifetime. And since there is so much turnover and competition in the job market, it is important to be highly qualified and educated in your line of work. One way to do this is to tap into online education; and we can help you find your degree online. First, take a look at the various programs that are offered online, then at the specific schools that offer those courses. For example, you may be interested in pursuing the highly popular and valuable master's degree, which is offered by Northeastern University among other schools. Or perhaps a degree in criminal justice is more relevant to your career aspirations; in that case, you may request information from Everest College among others. Whatever your interests and whatever your goals, you can find your degree online and you can achieve it even if you already have other work, family, or social obligations.

To find your degree online is simple; and surprisingly, achieving your degree is simple as well. In most cases, courses can be taken on any computer connected to the Internet, and can be taken at any time of the day, unlike traditional on-campus courses, which are at fixed times and locations. Think about taking courses towards a master's in communications technology from Strayer University while sipping your morning coffee, or studying for an associate's degree in paralegal studies from Virginia College while lounging on your couch. A college degree can go a long way towards achieving your career goals, so find your degree online today by requesting information from a variety of online universities.